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Phoenix Rás Team 2015
May 11, 2015, 11:15

Phoenix Rás Team

Phoenix C.C, Rás Team 2015

If you're racing in France, you move from Castle Town to Castle Town, surrounded by hairdressers and pharmacies.
If you're racing in Belgium you hit concrete pavements after concrete pavements, with a pint of something, never out of eyeshot.
If you are racing in Holland you can probably see the next place you're are racing as the godforsaken country is flat. To your left is a lkeor clogs or cheese.
Giro di Lombardia is the "Race Of The Falling Leaves"
The Rás is the race of the
- fallen snow
- fallen rain
- wind
- sheep
- tractors
- travellers
Thr Rás is something special in the calendar. Npwhere else do you get such hospitality as Ireland. As we race around the abdomen of the Emerald Isle this year, we are guaranteed a beatutiful view at the end of each stage,or a crazy old woman offering is biscutes and tea.

In Other countries you race and move on,
You race the Rás and you become a man of it.
Whether continental rider, county rider, marshal or soigneur, you wont forget the An Post Rás 2015.
For the second consecutive year Phoenic C.C.have a formodable line up for the holy race. Stay tuned on this page for sll updates on Phoenix.
6 Days to Dunboyne depart.

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