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International Teams And Overall Finishing Times
Skyline Cadence USA Winning Team Rás Tailteann 2004

County Teams And Overall Finishing Times
Winning County Team Cork All Human-Velo Revolution

Stage 5 Results MaynoothTo Bective Co Meath 156 Kms
Tim Shoreman UK Wheelbase-Cabtech- Castelli Wins The Final Stage Of Ras Tailteann 2004

Photo Lorraine O'Sullivan
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Stage 4 Results Horse & Jockey To Kildare Town 139.2 Kms
Tom Martin,UK Wheelbase-Cabtech-Castelli Wins Stage Four Of Rás Tailteann In KIldare Town

Photo By Lorraine O'Sullivan
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Stage 3 Results Kenmare To Cahir 155 Kms
Cormac McGeough, Mexico Canel's-Jave Wins Stage of Rás Tailteann Into Cahir

Photo Lorraine O'Sullivan
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Stage 1 Results Tullamore To Kilmallock 147.6KM
Alex Pritchard of the Richardsons Trek DAS team wins the opening stage of Rás Tailteann from Tullamore to Kilmallock. Photo: Lorraine O’Sullivan
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