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County Team Entry Is Now Open
The 2018 Dublin Orwell Scott Team
Cáirde Rás Tailteann announces opening of entries for domestic Irish club and county riders only.

Effective immediately, entries are open.

Entries are per team only. The event is not open to individuals, though individual riders will be catered for as part of composite, regional or provincial teams.

One person, can enter a team of 5 riders.

The manager doing the entries will need to complete the entry for the team in one sitting.

Click more for link to enter More>>>

Rás Tailteann 2022 Route Details
Overall Route Rás Tailteann 2022

Continuing with its commitment to provide more communications about the 2022 event. Cáirde Rás Tailteann has some more detailed news regarding the 2022 route.

During the last weeks an intensive review of the physical route was carried out. The route stage ends will all stay the same as the previously published route for 2020/21, but there is one significant change relating to stage 3.
Instead of starting from Castleisland in County Kerry. The race will now transfer to Newcastle West and begin stage 3 from there, still finishing in Lisdoonvarna.

This change has been decided upon in the interest of avoiding traversing Limerick City and instead follows a route east and north around the city. This will have the effect of making for a more interesting and challenging stage as the riders’ approach Lisdoonvarna for what is sure to be another exciting finale and longest stage of the 2022 event.

L To R. Sean Lenehan,Meath, Gerard Campbell Race Director, Denis Devin Double Stage Winner Ras Tailteann, Noel Clarke 8 Stage Wins and Kevin Leech, Louth

Rás Tailteann 2022
Luuc Bugter. Delta Team Netherlands Overall Winner Rás Tailteann 2018 With The George Plant Trophy

Cáirde Rás Tailteann is excited to announce that plans are moving ahead regarding the return of An Rás Tailteann to the roads of Ireland this year.

As of today, the committee is reaffirming its commitment to staging An Rás Tailteann 2022, one of Irelands most Iconic and beloved sporting events. The intention remains to stage it in a 5-day format from Wednesday 15th. to Sunday 19th. June next, using the same planned route as previously published for 2020 / 2021. More>>>

Ras Tailteann Postponed Until 2022

Cáirde Rás Tailteann has decided to definitively postpone the 2021 Rás Tailteann slated for June this year and focus instead on running the event in 2022.

This has been done in consultation with our many stakeholders and crucially our valued volunteers,without whom this event could not proceed. In the past months Cáirde Rás Tailteann continuously assessed options to safely put 2020s postponed event back on the road in June 2021 but current circumstances have prevailed to force this decision. More>>>

Cancellation Of Ras 2020
Connor McConvey Shows The Cyclist He Is On Pinch Mountain
In the past weeks Cáirde Rás Tailteann has expended significant energy to safely put An Rás on the road in September/October 2020. The group has monitored the evolving situation daily and digested publicly available roadmaps, health guidance, sporting and crucially, Rás volunteer stakeholder input. More>>>

Rás Tailteann 2020 Update
The Big Bunch passing the Rock Of Cashel

Having assessed the most recent guidance issued by the WHO, the HSE, Sport Ireland and the Government of Ireland and considering the measures in place in relation to the Covid-19 epidemic.

Cáirde Rás Tailteann has decided to extend the postponement of the 2020 Rás Tailteann which was originally due to return to the roads of Ireland this week.
With a clearer and increasingly positive outlook emerging week by week in the battle against Covid- 19 and with the government plan for easing restrictions according to the published road map accelerating. The indications suggest that a window of opportunity could open to potentially put the race on the road before the end of the 2020 road cycling season.

‘’It was agreed this week that the most prudent course of action at this time would be to extend our decision of April last and aim to set a very tentative start date toward the latter end of September next, using the same published route. All of this is of course still very heavily contingent upon any restrictions that may still be in place, the availability and support of the Gardai, county councils, the health services, accommodation and the many volunteers upon whom the Rás relies so heavily and which we cannot realistically know for some time yet’’ said Race Director Eugene Moriarty More>>>

The Mythical Legend That Is The Rás By Tommy Evans
Rás Winner Tommy Evans Derry Clarke Brothers With The George Plant Trophy

The Rás has a deep ingrained history within Irish Cycling, form growing up as an underage rider I loved to hear the stories of the Rás, the great men that race had some amazing stories to tell, I didn’t care if they where true or false I knew I had to conquer it.

As a 14 year old I knew from then that I loved stage racing everyday gave you an opportunity to win, rectify your mistake from the day before, out do an opponent more miles on the clock.

Roll onto 1992 my first taste of the Ras as a 19year old full of confidence and no fear, taking on a 9-day stage race, the longest race I’d ever ridden!!

We had the Italians who just looked the business, they had amazing kit, fantastic bikes, they even smelt nice!!!

While here I was amongst all the other county teams fighting to survive, a few occasions seen me over zealous on some of the descents ending up in the ditch on more than one occasion!!!

I always remember being in a crash with Tosh Lavery who was well bashed up but being harder than nails he just got stitched up and rode on!! At 19 you look at this and realise no-one likes to quit this race no matter what.

John O'Hallorans Rás Storey 1992
If Im honest ; I was hooked from the start . The first story of the Ras ,the first time seeing a stage end , the thought of being in it I was hooked.

I got my chance in 1992. My club NT Oranmore would enter team for the first time. Apart from our mechanic Johnny Varley and the highly experienced Colm Bracken we were all new to this. there was Nick Holland [Nick the fish] and no, I have no idea why he was called that, Dave Nugent who remains a great friend and I.

Dave was 20 and I was 19 Nick was and still is ageless. The common thought around Galway was we would never finish it.

Gerry McEnerney had put his skills,organisation and boundless love of cycling into getting us there. The sense of occasion at the evening sign on was immense . There was a mix of nerves and old friends meeting.

I sat and tried to look as if I belonged ,as established internationals, foreign managers , the UK riders,tanned and seriously lean Italian and Belgians sauntered in.

My goal was simple enough " get around", hopefully in one piece and if at all possible get to the front , try to get in a break and have a" good go " on the stage 2 into Oughterard Galway.

Ahh , the innocence youth, looking back at now ; little did I know then. More>>>

Rás 2020 Posponed Due To Covid 19 Virus
Race Director Eugene Moriarty
Following the recent developments and recommendations from Cycling Ireland, the UCI, the HSE, Sport Ireland and the Government of Ireland.

Cáirde Rás Tailteann has decided to postpone the 2020 Rás Tailteann which was due to return to the roads of Ireland in June 2020 after a hiatus in 2019. This is directly as a result of accelerating developments relating to the Covid-19 virus pandemic.

"Considering the nature of the public health emergency Ireland and the world is currently dealing with and the progressive evolving nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, Cáirde Rás Tailteann has decided that it is in the best interests of everyone associated with the event and the wider public to temporarily postpone the 2020 event from its planned start date on June 10th next" said Eugene Moriarty, the 2020 Race Director.

He added “The decision to postpone has not been taken lightly, but when we consider the on-going restrictions that are in place, the current workload of An Garda Síochána, County Councils and the Health Service, all of whom play integral roles in an event of this stature, we feel it is only appropriate that planning for the 2020 Rás does not add to the immediate burden faced by our critical frontline public servants” More>>>

Rás Tailteann Podium From 1953 To 2020 Plus Statistics
Rás Tailteann Podium From 1953 To 2020 Plus Statistics

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