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Kreiz Breizh Elites Teams 2015
By Eddie Dawson
Aug 7, 2015, 19:38

Aisan Racing Team

Brest Iroise Cyclisme 2000 France

Chambery Cyclisme Formation France

Team Coop-Oster Hus Norway

Cotes d'armor Marie Morin France

Estonia National Under 23 Team

Irish National Team Sean McKenna,Mark Downey, Matthew Teggart, Sean Hahessy, Mark Dowling& Mark Potts

Russian National Team

GSC Blagnac Velo Sport 31 France

Hennebont Cyclisme. France

Lotto Jumbo Develoement Squad

Madison Genesis England

Metec -THK Continental Cycling Team

Oceane Top 16 Cyclisme France

Rabobank Development Team

Scotland National Team

Equipe de Bretagne Under 23 France

Sojasun Espoir ACNC

3 M Belgium

Occitane Cyclisme Formation France

Team Vorarlberg Austia

UCI Continental Jo Piels

VC Pays de Loudeac

MPL Team Bergstrasse

VC Rouen 76

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