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Kreiz Breizh Élites Stage 2. Ploérdut To Callac 82.2 Km
By Eddie Dawson
Apr 2, 2016, 13:26

Photo Finish Picture of Stage Two

French National Champion Valentine Madouas Team Brest Iroise Cycling Winner Of Stage Two

Jeroen Meijers Robobank Developement Squad Holland In The Leaders Jersey

Guillaume Gaboriaid , Occitane Cyclisme Formation held on to the Points Jersey

Jeremy Bescond, Cotes D'Armor Cycling kept the Mountains Jersey

Nicolas Sessler, VL Technics - Exrerza - Abutriex, Belgium Pink Jersey Leader of young rider

Mickael Guichard, Team Ocean Top 16 France takes the combined jersey

Jeremy Bescond, Cotes D'Armor Cycling in the Leading Breton Jersey for the second day

Alan Riou, Team Pays de Dinan France

Irelands Sean McKennna

Axel Crochard and Rémi Benarfa Team Occitane Cyclisme Formation France

Tom Bosman Team VL Technics-Experza-Abutriek Belgium

Yannick Detant, Tean SEG racing Academy Netherlands

Gaetan Lemoine, Team Pays de Dinnan France

That man again Sean MeKenna coming to the finish line

Matthew Teggart Team Ireland

Mickael Guichard Team Oceane Top 16 France

Determination on the faces in the final sprint

Clement Carisey C.R.4 Chemins/Roanne France

Irelands Mark Downry finishing stage two

Ken Blanche working for Team Ireland

Eddie Dawson and Penny Dack-Kirkwood

Robert Haslam & Joel Pelier double stage winer Tour de France and team mate of Sean Kelly in Kas

Camille Le Saux checking the papers for his reports

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