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FBD Insurance Rás Race Officials 2008
Feb 4, 2008, 19:12

FBD Insurance Rás Race Officials


                  Race Organiser                               Dermot Dignam

                  UCI Commissaire President            Luc Geyson

                  Commissaires                                 Jack Watson

                                                                        Colin Clews

                                                                        Phil O’Brien

                                                                        Paul Watson

                  Timekeeper                                    Danny O'Shea

                  Recorder                                        Alice Sherratt

                  Chief Judge                                    Michael Twomey

                  Asst. Chief Judge                           Michael Campbell

                  Motorcycle Judges                         Cicran McKenna

                                                                        Eddie Keogh

                  Blackboard Timekeepers                Pat Dowd

                                                                        Therese Dowd

                  Accommodation Officer                  Edward Dawson

                  Accommodation Secretary              Cathy Mansfield

                  IT Consultant                                  Seamus Shortall

                  Website Results                              Eimear Dignam

                  Route Director                                Tony Campbell

                  Chief Marshall                                Colm Cullen

                  Press Liaison                                  Bróna Dignam

                  P A Announcer                               Ray Kennydy       

                  Race Doctor                                   Dr. Conor McGrane

                  Ambulance Service                         Irish Red Cross Society

                  Lead Cars                                      Ted Crowley 

                                                                        Gary McIlroy

                                                                        Paddy Fitzsimons

                  Neuteal Service Crews                   Paul Nolan           

                                                                        Russell Treacy 

                                                                        Gabriel Howard

                                                                        Sean Coakley

                                                                        Neil Taggart

                                                                        Gerry Beggs

                 Photo Finish Operator                     Frank Gibson

                 Radio Tour                                      Susan O'Meara

                 Safety Officer                                  Peter Bidwell

                 Chief Motorcycle Marshall               John Galvin

                                                                        Kevin Donoghue    

                                                                        Gerry Barry

                                                                        Noel Candon

                                                                        Stephen Whelan

                                                                        Paul Burke 

                                                                        Paul Hicks      

                                                                        Adrian Corcoran 

                                                                        John Burke    

                                                                        Mick Croke

                                                                        Richie McNamara

                                                                        Alan Coosan  

                                                                        Robert Carolan

                 Photo Bike                                      Pat Shaughnessy 

                 T V Motorcycle                               Tony Kemp

                 Routing Crew                                  Gerry Campbell

                                                                        Nole Clarke

                                                                        Vincent Clarke

                                                                        Liam Harte

                 Stage Finish Crew                           Noel Kelly

                                                                        Joe McGuire

                                                                        Ken Clarke

                                                                        Aidan Clarke

                                                                        Andy O'Brien

                                                                        Pat Moss

                 Commissaire Drivers & Transport    Harry Sherratt

                                                                        Martin Gilbert

                                                                        Brendan Quigley

                                                                        Oliver McKenna

                                                                        Tom Moore

                                                                        Tom Keenan

                                                                        Mártín Og MacDonnacha

                                                                        Pat Clarke

                                                                        Simon Marshall

                                                                        Declan Halligan

                                                                        Pat O'Sullivan

                                                                        Tadhg Moriarty

                                                                        Vincent Cronin

                                                                        Rob Haslam

                                                                        Brian Taaffe

                                                                        Martin Reilly

                                                                        Tony Keogh

               Broom Wagon                                  Michael Lawless


FBD Insurance Rás, 95 St. Brendans Avenue, Dublin 5 Ireland


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FBD Insurance Rás Race Officials 2008


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