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Gabriels Lament By Ray Gough
By Community Historian Brendan Matthews. “Ray`s Lament”. Photo/image
May 30, 2024, 09:34

Gabriel Howard
Gaybo Howard as he appeared on the Stamullen Road Club`s welcoming Banner which was on display close to Gabriel`s homestead at Stedalt Cross on Sunday last May 26th 2024 as the final stage of this year`s Rás Tailteann cycling race passed through the village of Stamullen.

The following, Poetic, lines were penned in the aftermath of this exciting and gruelling cycling race by local man Ray Gough of Gough`s Corner, who for many a long year played an active role in stewarding and marshalling for both the older Saint Patrick`s Cycling Club and also the Stamullen Road Club as part of the traditional Rás Naomh Padraig and the Stamullen Grand Prix cycle races which were an annual fixture on the Irish Cycle Racing Calendar.

Our grateful thanks to Ray for taking the time out to put his thoughts into words concerning the Rás of last Sunday and of his memories of the cycling days of yester-year.

Gabriel Howard

Gabriel's Lament

Sunday I watched the Rás go by

It brought a little tear to my eye

For the man who started it years ago

Was the one & only great Gaybo.

The village surely came alive

As the bicycles flashed by

Keep in, Keep in, who owns that dog,

You could hear the spectators cry.

Twenty minutes

And they`re back again

In for a pint and out again.

Last lap, Last lap

You could hear Gaybo say

The sound of his voice

It being heard miles away.

Now that it`s over

And a job well done

Oh my God how we miss such fun

And to help was a privilege

With the work that was done.

Thank you so much for some wonderful days

Written by Ray Gough,Gough`s Corner, Stamullen County Meath. May 2024

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