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The Mythical Legend That Is The Rás By Tommy Evans
Rás Winner Tommy Evans Derry Clarke Brothers With The George Plant Trophy

The Rás has a deep ingrained history within Irish Cycling, form growing up as an underage rider I loved to hear the stories of the Rás, the great men that race had some amazing stories to tell, I didn’t care if they where true or false I knew I had to conquer it.

As a 14 year old I knew from then that I loved stage racing everyday gave you an opportunity to win, rectify your mistake from the day before, out do an opponent more miles on the clock.

Roll onto 1992 my first taste of the Ras as a 19year old full of confidence and no fear, taking on a 9-day stage race, the longest race I’d ever ridden!!

We had the Italians who just looked the business, they had amazing kit, fantastic bikes, they even smelt nice!!!

While here I was amongst all the other county teams fighting to survive, a few occasions seen me over zealous on some of the descents ending up in the ditch on more than one occasion!!!

I always remember being in a crash with Tosh Lavery who was well bashed up but being harder than nails he just got stitched up and rode on!! At 19 you look at this and realise no-one likes to quit this race no matter what.

Rás Winners 1
1953 Colm Christle Gate C.C. Dublin Winner Of The First Rás Tailteann With Jim Killean President The Of National Cycling Association

Ras Winners 2
1991 Kevin Kimmage, Meath

Old Rás Photographs 1
Do Any Of You Remember Seeing This Van

Old Rás Photographs 2
Joe Christle, Founder Of An Rás Tailteann

Shay O'Hanlon
Shay O'Hanlon Dublin Four Times Winner On An Rás Tailteann And Winner Of 23 Stages

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