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Tirian McManus Team Subaru Abion Cycles Next Challenge
By Tirian McManus
May 9, 2014, 19:04

My name is Tirian McManus. I am a 20 year old cyclist from a town called Bowral in NSW, Australia.


I ride for and represent Team Subaru/Albion Cycles and The Australian Track team.


I first started cycling at the age of 9 years old and have been hooked to the sport ever since. Cycling as a sport has taken me all over the world to places that are well known and places where I could have never even imagined going to.

I have acheived more than I ever thought myself to be capable of but even I surprise myself sometimes. 


My cycling career took off in the year of 2012 when I was selected to be apart of my first Australian team to compete in the Junior World Track championships in New Zealand. At these world championships I won a Bronze medal in the Omnium and became a World Champion, winning the team pursuit.


The year 2013 brought along a lot of learning with my first real international racing season. I competed in the Tour of South Korea & Azerbaijan whilst competing in Belgium for a month. To say I learnt a lot in this trip would be a understatement. Later on in the year I competed in the UCI Mexico world cup where I came 4th in the Team Pursuit which was my first race as a Senior track cyclist.


This current year of 2014 proves to be my most successful year to date as I ride with Team Subaru/Albion Cycles. Earlier this year I won the UCI Mexio Track World Cup in the Team Pursuit going better than the 4th I acheved the previous year. Winning the Team Pursuit alone was a huge acheivement but along with this I also won my second Senior UCI World Cup taking out the Omnium. Winning the Omnium would have to be my best personal aceivement to date.


For my next challenge I will be competing in the Tour of Ireland or commonly knows as 'The Ras'. Representing Team Subaru/Albion Cycles along with 4 of my team mates, we hope to acheive some great results both personal and for the team at this event.



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