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1968 Milan Hrezdira Czechoslovakia Wins Your Better Off Saving Rás Tailteann
By Eddie Dawson
May 9, 2007, 20:16


Your Better Off Saving Rás Taillteann

5th. - 14th. July  1968


Stage 1:   Dublin To Newry,  65 Miles.
Dublin, Balbriggan, Drogheda, Dundalk Newry.

Stage 2:   Newry To Ballyjamesduff, 90 Miles.
Newry,  Monaghan, Ballyjamesduff.

Stage 3:   Ballyjamesduff To Ballinasloe, 85 Miles.
Ballyjamesduff, Athlone, Ballinasloe.

Stage 4:   Ballinasloe To Spiddal, 94 Miles.
Ballinasloe, Galway Spiddal.

Stage 5:   Spiddal To Abbeyfeale, 114 Miles.
Spiddal, Ennis Limerick Abbeyfeale,

Stage 6:   Abbeyfeale To Dingle, 76 Mls.
Abbeyfeale, Castleisland Tralee, Dingle.

Stage 7:   Dingle  To Killorglin, 51 Miles.
Dingle, Killarney, Killorglin.

Stage 8:   Killorglin To Crosshaven, 126 Miles.
Killorglin, Kenmare, Bantry, Kinsale, Crosshaven.

Stage 9:   Crosshaven To Carrick-On-Suit, 90 Miles .
Crosshaven, Cork, Youghal, Carrick-On-Suir.

Stage 10: Carrick- On-Suir To Dublin Phoenix Park, 100 Miles.
Carrick-On-Suir, Kilkenny,  Carlow, Kilcullen, Naas, Dublin.

Race Director  :    Joe Christle

Joe Christle Race Director

Mossie Donoghue, Cork, Denis McGrath in Louth colours RHS, Mick Collins next to Denis McGrath and Colm Nulty in Meath colours LHS 2 Navan RC riders Larry Clarke on foot and Mick Creighton Middle, at the start of stage 3 in Ballyjamesduff.

Stage Winners:

Stage 1:   Dublin To Newry,  65 Miles.  J. Zelenka (Czechoslovakia)   3-26-30

Stage 2:   Newry To Ballyjamesduff, 90 Miles.  M. Hrazdira  (Czechoslovakia)  3-26-30

Stage 3:   Ballyjamesduff To Ballinasloe, 85 Miles.  J. Zelenka (Czechoslovakia)  3-06-00

Stage 4:   Ballinasloe To Spiddal, 94 Miles.   J. Zelenka (Czechoslovakia)  3-45-10

Stage 5:   Spiddal To Abbeyfeale, 114 Miles.  S.O'Hanlon (Ireland)  4-40-10

Stage 6:   Abbeyfeale To Dingle, 76 Mls.  M. Hrazdira  (Czechoslovakia)  3-32-15

Stage 7:   Dingle  To Killorglin, 51 Miles.  J. Havelka  (Czechoslovakia)  2-15-24

Stage 8:   Killorglin To Crosshaven, 126 Miles.  P. Dolozel  (Czechoslovakia)  5-37-55

Stage 9:   Crosshaven To Carrick-On-Suit, 90 Miles.  J. Zelenka (Czechoslovakia)  4-04-55

Stage 10: Carrick- On-Suir To Dublin Phoenix Park, 100 Miles.  M. Hrazdira  (Czechoslovakia)  4-32-00

Shay O'Hanlon Ireland Beat The Czech. Into Abbeyfeale

General Classification











M. Hrazdira, Czech.

P. Dolozel, Czech.  

K. Vavra, Czech.

J. Zelenka, Czech.

J. Havelka, Czech.

P. Konecny, Czech.

S. Kennedy, Meath A

M. O’Donoghue, Carlow.

B. Donnelly, Antrim.

S. O’Hanlon, Dublin A

 37-33-00       01-57









Mick Kinsella Kildare

Team Winners Czechoslovakia

 M. Hrazdira, P. Dolozel, K. Vavra, J. Zelenka, J. Havelka,  P. Konecny,


Seamus Kennedy Meath A 7th. Overall

List Of Competitors 1968

Dublin A

1.    S. O’Hanlon

2.    B. Lacy

3.    F. Glancy

4.    A. Stynes

5.    F. Dames

6.    M. Glancy



7.    P. Ropert

8.    C. Coppa

9.    H. Prevost

10. B. Pezzoli


Meath A

11. S. Kennedy

12. B. McKenna

13. G. Howard

14. C. Nulty

15. M. Collins

16. C. Reynolds



17.   S. Dlouhy

18.   J. Hava

19.   J. Havelka

20.   J. Kvapil

21.   J. Venzel

22.   K. Vavra

23.   J. Zelenka

24.   P. Dolezel

26.   M. Hrazdira



27.   B. Donnelly

28.   B. Davey

29.   P. Magee

30.   D. McLarnon

31.   B. Cousins



32.   M. Cahill

33.   F. Kearney

34.   P. Donovan

35.   M. Donoghue

36.   P. Sargent

37.   P. Donoghue



38.   V. Sheridan

39.   M. Kinsella

40.   P. Hayden


Dublin B

41.   M. Christle

42.   D. Carroll

43.   T. Mills

44.   J. Kennedy

45.   D. Mellon

46.   S. Cullen


       Meath B

47.   T.P. Reilly

48.   L. Clarke

49.   L. Cannon

50.   N. Lynch

51.   F. Reilly

52.   M. Creighton



53.   B. Monaghan

54.   J. Traynor

55.   N. Tinnelly



56.   T. Ryan

57.   S. Walsh

58.   T. Kiely

59.   J. Wall


Meath C

60.   S. McCormick

61.   J. Nulty

62.   N. Coogan

63.   T. Holton

64.   B. Connaughton



65.   J. Mangan

66.   J. Lacey

67.   C. Donovan



68.   J. Hedderman

69.   J. Houlihan

70.   J. Hickey

71.   T. Sheedy



72.   K. Dolan

73.   M. Grimes

74.   D. McGrath

75.   D. Keenan

76.   B. O’Shaughnessy



77.   M. O’Donoghue

78.   B. Archbold

79.   P. Murphy



80.   P. Green



81.   S. McGuinness


Shay O'Hanlon,Ireland outsprints the Czechoslovakia riders to win in Abbeyfeale

Mike O' Donoghue Carlow 8th. Overall

Gabriel Howard Meath A

T.P. Reilly Meath B

Billy Archbold, Carlow

Meath A Team Ben McKenna, Seamus Kennedy (National Champion NCA) Colm Nulty. Gabriel Howard and Mick Collins

Dublin Team. L.to R. Andy Stynes, Mick Clancey,Frank Clancy.Barry Lacey,Frank Dames, Shay O'Hanlon. Pic. Liam O'Hanlon

Gabriel Howard No.13 Meath A Brian Connaughton No. 64 Meath C Team Frank Reilly Meath B talking to the man with the hat

A familiar sight of 2 Czechoslovakia riders out front. While he did not win a stage No. 20 J. Kvapil was part of the 9 man team who won 9 out of the 10 stages. Stage 5 was won by S. O'Hanlon, Ireland. (Photo Sean Duffy)

Mick (Pop) Grimes signing augograph for a young fan

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