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The Winners List 1953-2020
By Eddie Dawson
May 29, 2008, 17:59

2019 Event Cancelled
2018 Lucc Bugter        (Netherlands)
2017 James Gullen       (Great Britain)  2016 Clemens Fankhauser (Austria Tirol)
2015 Lucas Postlberger  (Austria Tirol)
2014 Clemens Fankhauser (Austria Tirol)
2013 Marcin Bialoblocki (Poland) 
2012 Nicolas Baldo (Switzerland Atlas)
2011 Gediminas Bagdonas(AnPost Belgium
2010 Alexander Wetterhall (Sweden)
2009 Simon Richardson (Great Britain)
2008 Stephen Gallagher(An Post Ireland)
2007 Tony Martin (Germany)
2006 Kristian House (Great Britain)
2005 Chris Newton (Great Britain)
2004 David McCann (Ireland)
2003 Chris Newton (Great Britain)
2002 Ciarán Power (Ireland)
2001 Paul Manning (Great Britain)
2000 Julian Winn (Wales)
1999 Philip Cassidy (Meath)
1998 Ciarán Power (Ireland)
1997 Andrew Roche (Kerry)
1996 Tommy Evans (Derry)
1995 Paul McQuaid (Ireland)
1994 Declan Lonergan (Ireland)
1993 Eamonn Byrne (Ireland)
1992 Stephen Spratt (Dublin)
1991 Kevin Kimmage (Meath)
1990 Ian Chivers (Ireland)
1989 Dainis Ozoles (USSR)
1988 Paul McCormack (Ireland)
1987 Paul McCormack (Longford)
1986 Stephen Spratt (Ireland)
1985 Nicola Kosiakov (USSR)
1984 Stephen Delaney (Dublin)
1983 Philip Cassidy (Ireland)
1982 Dermot Gilleran (Ireland)
1981 Jamie McGahan (Scotland)
1980 Billy Kerr (Ireland)
1979 Stephen Roche (Ireland)
1978 Seamus Kennedy (Kerry)
1977 Yuri Lavrushkin (USSR)
1976 Fons Steuten (Netherlands))
1975 Paddy Flanagan (Kildare)
1974 Peter Doyle (I.C.F.)
1973 Mike O'Donaghue (Carlow)
1972 John Mangan (Setanta C.C.)
1971 Colm Nulty (Meath)
1970 Alexander Gysiantnikov (USSR)
1969 Brian Connaughton (Meath)
1968 Milan Hrezdira (Czech.)
1967 Sé O Hanlon (Dublin)
1966 Sé O Hanlon (Dublin)
1965 Sé O Hanlon (Dublin)
1964 Paddy Flanagan (Kildare)
1963 Zbigniew Glowaty (Poland)
1962 Sé O Hanlon (Dublin)
1961 Tom Finn (Dublin)
1960 Paddy Flanagan (Kildare)
1959 Ben McKenna (Meath)
1958 Mick Murphy (Kerry)
1957 Frank Ward (Dublin)
1956 Paudie Fitzgerald (Kerry)
1955 Gene Mangan (Kerry)
1954 Joe O'Brien (National C.C.)
1953 Colm Christle (Gate C.C.

Rás Over The Years
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