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1984 Stephen Delaney, Dublin Leyland Wins FBD Milk Rás Tailteann
By Eddie Dawson
May 10, 2007, 17:52


FBD Milk Rás

9 Dan International Cycle Race

23rd. June - 1st. July 1984



Race Organiser: Dermot Dignam

Irish Professional Sean Kelly Took Part In And Did Not Dissapoint His Fans Winning In A Time Of 1-15-47 Kelly Is Held By Conor Dignam

Stage 1A: Individual T. T. Eamonn Ceannt Stadium, 2 Kms.

Stage 1B: Dublin To Monaghan, 128 Kms.

Stage 2: Monaghan  To Ballinasloe, 182 Kms.

Stage 3: Ballinasloe To Nenagh,157 Kms.

Stage 4A: Limerick To Tralee, 150 Kms.


Stage 4B: Killarney Criterium, 40 Kms.


Stage 5A: Killarney To Casteltownbere, 83 Kms. 

Stage 5B: Adrigole To Healy Pass Mountain T.T.  6 Kms.


Stage 6: Castletown To Mallow, 141 Kms.

Stage 7: Mallow To Enniscorthy,  174 Kms..

Stage 8A: Enniscorthy To Gorey Team T.T,  30 Kms.

Stage 8B: Gorey To Carlow  132Kms.

Stage 9: Carlow To Dublin ,  140 Kms.

Stephen Delaney Dublin Leyland Rás Winner 1984

Dermot Gilleran Won The Prologue & The First Stage


Stage 1A: Individual T. T. Crumlin Stadium 2 Kms. Dermot Gilleran, Raleigh Ireland

Stage 1B: Dublin To Monaghan, 128 Kms. Dermot Gilleran, Raleigh Ireland 2.58.45 

Stage 2:  Monaghan To Ballinasloe 182 Kms. Seamus Downey, Raleigh Ireland 4.21.30 

Stage 3:  Ballinasloe To Nenagh 157 Kms, John Shortt, Galway Rosengrens 3.49.30 
Stage 4A: Limerick To Tralee, 41.2 Kms.  Gearoid Costelloe, Limerick 2.28.30
Stage 4B: Killarney Criterium 40 Kms.  Stephen Finnegan, Scotland 1.03.00

Stage 5A: Killarney To Castletownbere 83Kms. Stephen Finnegan,

Scotland 1.59.00 


Stage 5B   Adrigole to Healy Pass T.T.  6 Kms. Stephen Delaney, Dublin Leyland 14.45  


Stage 6:  Castletownbere To Mallow, 141 Kms.  Jimmy McQuillan, Armagh 3.34.00 

Stage 7:  Mallow To Enniscorthy, 174Kms.  John McQuaid, Dublin Skil  4.15.00


Stage 8A: Enniscorthy To Gorey T.T.T.  30Kms  Dublin Skil  40.54

Stage 8B: Gorey To Carlow, 132 Kms.  Jamie McGahan, Dublin Skil



Stage 9:   Carlow To Dublin, 140Kms.   John McQuaid, Dublin Skil   3.14.33

General Classification













S. Delaney, Dublin Leyland 

J.Shortt, Galway Rosengrens

R. Kimmage, Raleigh Ireland

J. McQuillan, Antrim

J. McGahan, Dublin Skil

B.Power, Tipperary Super Stanley

M. Coll, Scotland

B. O'Callaghan, Galway Rosengrens
B. Hodges, Wicklow
J. Ford, Wales
A. Hurford, Nottingham
N.Madden, Garda Bosch











Martin Coll Scotland

Jimmy McQuillan Armagh

Winning International Team Scotland

Winning County Team Armagh
J. Barr, G. Irvine, J. McQuillan

John McQuaid Had Victories In Stages 7 & 9 And In The Team Time Trial

List Of Competitors 1984

Raleigh Ireland

1.          G. Thompson

2.          D. Gardiner

3.          D. Gilleran

4.          S. Downey



5.          S. Finnegan

6.          J. McManus

7.          M. Coll

8.          M. Lawson



9.         P. Hodge

10.       J. Ford

11.       C. Spark

12.       G. Evans


Isle Of Man

13.       S. Porter

14.       A. Nichollson

15.       M. Kelly

16.       R. Fletcher



17.       A. Hurford

18.       D. Melling

19.       I. Scott

20.       I. Donahue



21.       J. McQuillan

22.       G. Irvine

23.       A. Irvine

24.       J. Barr

25.       M. Quinn



26.       M. Young

27.       A. Wagner

28.       K. O’Mahony

29.       G. O’Shea

30.       D. O’Connell



31.       P. Shearer

32.       C. McCann

33.       D. McCall

34.       S. Ogle

35.       B. Coody


Dublin Skil

36.       J. McQuaid

37.       P. Stewart

38.       M. Kelly

39.       P. Tansey

40.       J. McGahan


Dublin Leyland

41.       S. Clarke

42.       M. McLynskey

43.       A. Harrison

44.       P. Keogh

45.       S. Delaney


Dublin West

46.       T. Murphy

47.       E. Madden

48.       B. Murray

49.       C. Carroll

50.       K. Sinclair



51.       B. Madden

52.       R. McSherry

53.       J. Shortt

54.       B. O’Callaghan

55.       T. Mannion



56.       J. McQuaid

57.       P. Whitney

58.       N. Madden

59.       B. Gaffney

60.       N. Smith


61.       M. Breen

62.       P. Curtis

63.       S. Mangan

64.       A. O’Halloran

65.       A. N. Other



66.       D. Shannon

67.       N. Tobin

68.       K. Armstrong

69.       J. O’Shea

70.       G. Guidon



71.       G. Costelloe

72.       C. Costelloe

73.       J. O’Brien

74.       J. Twomey

75.       J. Colleran



76.       B. Cunningham

77.       P. Bidwell

78.       J. McAloon

79.       S. Fay

80.       J. O’Brien



81.       F. Relf

82.       J. McCormack

83.       R. Cullen

84.       M. Kinsella

85.       R. McCormack


Meath West

86.       P. J. Nolan

87.       N. Clarke

88.       S. Reynolds

89.       D. Cassidy

90.       M. Kennedy


Meath East

91.       E. Connolly

92.       G. Howard

93.       D. Tiernan

94.       F. Lane

95.       S. O’Hanlon



96.       P. Mckenna

97.       M. Thompson

98.       K. Walsh

99.       A. Mahon

100.     M. O’Grady



101.     E. Scully

102.     A. Leonard

103.     K. Mate

104.     S. Mangan

105.     B. Carolan



106.     B. Power

107.     P. Power

108.     V. Kelly

109.     D. O’Gorman

110.     D. McCarthy



111.     C. Heterich

112.     D. O’Loughlin

113.     E. Tobin

114.     S. Kelly

115.     M. O’Donaghue



116.     J. Darcy

117.     R. Kimmage

118.     J. Brady

119.     B. Hodges

120.     K. Dunleavy



121.     R. Smith

122.     L. O’Neill

123.     G. Watts



Seamus Downey Raleigh Ireland Won Stage 2 And Was Overall Leader For 3 Days

Jimmy McQuillan Armagh Won Stage 6 Into Castletownbere

Paul McKenna Of Meath

Aidan Harrison Dublin Leyland

Stephen Delaney Dublin Leyland on the Wicklow Gap

Jamie McGahan Dublin Skil Outsprints Andy Hurford Nottingham To win Stage 8B In Barrick St. Carlow

Relaxing after a hard day in the office

Gearoid Costelloe Limerick Winning Stage 4 A LImerick To Tralee

Bobby Power Tipperary Super Stanley Crashes while wearing the yellow jersey. Bobby was down but went on th finish the race in 6th. position overall @ 9.48

Denis McCarthy, Tipperary leads race leader Seamus Downey, Ireland with Ken Maye Offaly on the left and Gearoid Costelloe Limerick

Dermot Gilleran, Ireland in Yellow Jersey on stage one from Dublin To Monaghan ,Steve Porter Isle-On Man, Rapheal KImmage Ireland

Ray Kimmage. Ireland attacking in the Phoenix Park

Stephan Delaney on his way to victory

Four Members of the USA/Britain Team Jonny Rondash,Curtis Gunn, Steve Howells and Ben Greenwood

Bobby Power, Dennis McCarthy, Paddy Power & Dick O'Gorman Of The Tipperary Team

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